Model of Operation



Identifying, monitoring and betting on contracts in this highly competitive market requires not only technical competence and a quality product, but also knowledge about the functioning of the institutions, both in terms of the “project cycle” and in terms of tendering rules.


Atlantic Grids has a specialized team that supports you in the application process, allowing companies, public and private institutions, governments and non-governmental organizations to compete successfully and benefit from the business opportunities generated by these International Financial Institutions.


In this sense, we provide consultancy in all phases of the “project cycle” - in identifying tenders, preparing the project, preparing proposals and providing international technical assistance to companies for the successful implementation of their projects.


In order to train companies and organizations for this new business model, Atlantic Grids has defined the following operating methodology:


  1. Definition of the market;
  2. Clarification of different business opportunities;
  3. Information on the International Financial Institution;
  4. Training on the minimum necessary requirements;
  5. Selection of priority countries and sectors;
  6. Comprehensive analysis of the projects in the portfolio;
  7. Presentation and promotion of the company's product and / or service;
  8. Marking presence on the ground with the IFIs.



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