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Community funds are Support Programs for the creation, modernization and / or expansion of your company or business, through obtaining non-refundable and / or refundable financial support.


Atlantic Grids has a specialized team that supports you in preparing, submitting and monitoring the application for community funds, in the various sectors of activity, within the scope of PORTUGAL 2020 and HORIZONTE 2020. With a deep knowledge of the current Community Framework Programs, a correct framing of the project, based on the information provided by the client.



PT 2020

PORTUGAL 2020 arises from a partnership agreement between Portugal and the European Commission that defines the policy of economic, social and territorial development to be promoted in Portugal until 2020, with a budget of 25 billion euros, distributed among 16 Thematic and Regional Operational Programs .

In the field of business development, there are currently three main incentive systems:

  • Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship

It aims to encourage investment in productive innovation, promote qualified entrepreneurship and support the expansion of activities with a strong technological character.

  • SME Qualification and Internationalization

It aims to promote the competitiveness of SMEs, promote the increase of SME productivity and develop the effective presence of SMEs in the global market.

  • Research and Technological Development

Its objective is to promote relations between companies and scientific institutions and to intensify the R&D and knowledge creation efforts.


HORIZONTE 2020 - EU Community Framework Program for Research & Innovation.


H2020 is the largest EU Research & Innovation Program with a global budget of approximately € 80 billion available over 7 years for the 2014-2020 period. This flagship initiative aims to ensure Europe's global competitiveness to drive economic growth and create jobs with an emphasis on scientific excellence, industrial leadership and societal challenges.


SME Instrument is a specific Financing Program in Horizon 2020, designed to support and stimulate the competitiveness of European small and medium-sized companies that have identified a new market opportunity and developed a concept for its exploitation through an innovative product or service.


The SME Instrument is structured in three phases, with the objective of transforming disruptive ideas into concrete and innovative solutions with a European and global impact.


PHASE 1 - Concept and feasibility assessment - Financing of € 50,000.00 per company

PHASE 2 - R&D demonstration and market replication - Financing from € 500,000.00 to € 2,500,000.00

PHASE 3 - Commercialization (Facilitated access to private financing with demonstration of "seal of excellence")


Financial support is granted on the basis of competing competitions and through an independent evaluation process of the proposals submitted.


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