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We all have intelligence. However, intelligence can be thought of not just as something that arises from the human brain - it also arises in groups of people. This is Collective Intelligence - individuals who work together to combine their knowledge and insights. Collective Intelligence emerges from a group, it does not reside in any individual member.


The Internet has given rise to remarkable technologies that allow people to collaborate in droves. In just a decade, the greatest encyclopedia in human history was written by millions of authors without centralized control.


In less than a year, ordinary people have classified more than 50 million photos of distant worlds to help astronomers understand the formation of galaxies.


Collective Intelligence is referred to by International Organizations as the OECD and the European Commission as an innovative instrument that allows to reinforce the levels of endogenous strategic cooperation at the level of organizations, collaboratively increasing the levels of efficiency in the management of the value chain of their activity and monitoring, through practical guidelines, the impacts and results obtained in different areas of intervention.


Collective Intelligence, assuming itself as a central trend in the innovation of organizations, can be used in emblematic projects in critical areas, such as the management of public security mechanisms, the promotion of new forms of social innovation and the mobilization of forms of democratic participation .


Atlantic Grids develops several programs that use the new Collective Intelligence methodology as a way to obtain better results in the functioning of public and private organizations.


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