Territory studies



Sustaining decision-making in the territories requires the need for information and knowledge.


Municipalities and Intermunicipal Communities have in common the fact that they operate in an increasingly demanding and complex social and economic context such as the one in which they operate. They are required to have a decision-making process based on scientific and factual analysis, so that, in a sustained way, they can provide their users with goods or services with the desired quality.


Atlantic Grids supports the strategic planning of these organizations, allowing them to define and achieve objectives according to the opportunities and conditions presented by their surroundings, defining the goals and strategic guidelines that allow the organization to interact with an increasingly dynamic and evolving world. constant transformation.


Atlantic Grids provides consultancy services in the area of ​​Territorial Studies for a universe of organizations, regardless of the sector of activity or its size in the following areas:

  1. Retrospective analysis studies on the economic and social performance of the Territory;
  2. Strategic and development studies of the Territory;
  3. Portuguese Municipal Rating * - Territorial Sustainability Index.

* In partnership with Team2Win, Atlantic Grids provides consultancy in the Territory based on the RMP - Portuguese Municipal Rating.


The RMP Index analyzes the Municipalities and their Territory in a global and integrated perspective, taking into account Governance, Service to the Population, Economic and Social Development and Financial Stability.


The RMP Index had the participation and validation of the following national institutions:









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