Internacionalization Process



The main difficulties encountered by companies in the internationalization process are the correct identification of markets, attracting customers and choosing the appropriate partner.


Atlantic Grids fits these needs, enabling companies with a view of opportunities and barriers to be overcome in international markets, providing entrepreneurs with an internationalization strategy, based on a network construction process, which constitutes the basis and foundation of decision making. decisions.


More than an instrument to support the decision in the export process, this internationalization strategy allows companies to assert themselves as exporters and correctly position themselves in the destination market.


Thus, Atlantic Grids provides the following internationalization methodology:

  • Characterization of the target market and assessment of the ability to enter and develop in that market;
  • Identification of potential business partners and evaluation of the different strategic and operational scenarios that allow the foreign market to be approached in the most effective way;
  • Planning and evaluation of marketing, promotion and international communication actions for the target market;
  • Carrying out international prospecting actions with partners in the target market;
  • International brand promotion, as a differentiated product / service, reinforcing its visibility;
  • Identification of incentives and support for the internationalization process.


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