Circular Economy



Atlantic Grids, aware of the importance of facing the future of companies and cities in a sustainable way, provides consulting services in the area of ​​Circular Economy for its universe of public and private organizations, regardless of the sector or dimension, supporting its its customers with innovative and integrated solutions balancing the needs and expectations of interested parties with regard to the environmental, social and economic performance of organizations.


The circular economy implies the gradual decoupling of economic activity from the consumption of finite resources and projecting waste out of the system at the end of its useful life cycle, with action supported by a transition to renewable energy sources.


The circular economy builds natural and social economic capital and is based on the following principles:

  • Design waste and pollution;
  • Maintain products and materials in use;
  • Regenerate natural systems.

As such, Atlantic Grids' activity within the circular economy focuses on the following points:

  • Life Cycle Assessment;
  • Calculation of the carbon and / or water footprint;
  • Eco-design;
  • Preparation of sustainability reports;
  • Sustainability strategies;
  • Social responsibility reporting;
  • Treatment of performance indicators.


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