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Atlantic Grids supports national companies in Public Procurement processes in the following organizations:




The United Nations represents a global market of more than 15 billion dollars annually for all types of products and services. The United Nations is made up of a variety of organizational entities, with a distinct and separate mandate covering the political, economic, social, scientific, humanitarian and technical fields.


These organizations account for 99% of the United Nations' total spending on procurement, with procurement carried out through a purchasing center, where potential suppliers can register with a supplier database and have access to different opportunities.



NATO uses its procurement agency for the Command Structure of the Atlantic Alliance and for each of the member and partner countries of this organization as a purchasing center that gives access to an annual turnover of around 4 billion euros / year for the provision of civilian goods and services and / or in support of military operations in the 28 NATO countries.

Companies, whatever their field of activity, find here another excellent opportunity to increase their turnover and to expand their activity to international markets.



Every year, more than 250 000 public authorities in the European Union spend around 14% of GDP on purchasing services, works and product supplies. These authorities are responsible for the main purchases in the sectors of energy, transport, waste management, social protection or education.

The European Union's objective with the implementation of the public procurement strategy aims to guarantee a greater acceptance of innovative acquisitions, including increasing access to purchasing markets, until it motivates the improvement of cooperation between entities with regard to joint public procurement.




Bearing in mind the size and complexity of these organizations, Atlantic Grids helps Portuguese SMEs to conquer a slice of these markets.

Atlantic Grids has a specialized team that supports your company in preparing the respective accreditation process, identifying opportunities and following up on applications.

Our service involves training companies in this new business model, helping them to compete in accordance with the rules of these international organizations, taking into account the following procedures:

  • Registration with the UN, NATO and the EU;
  • Identification of suitable tenders for companies;
  • Preparation of proposals;
  • Monitoring the decision process;
  • Support in the management of delivery projects.


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